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A-1 Wallpaper Pro

A-1 Wallpaper Pro is great for displaying your favorite photos as your desktop wallpaper at work or home. A-1 Wallpaper Pro offers you total and complete management of your wallpaper collections. The easy to use interface makes creating slide shows, landscapes, etc.. a snap! Choose from over 18 customizable features, including adding an caption for each image, adusting the time delay, centering, stretching and tiling each image. Common image formats used today (gif,jpg,jif,bmp,dib) are supported.

A-1 Wallpaper Pro 1.1 runs on Microsoft® Windows®

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screensaversDisplay an unlimited amount of images as a slide show
wallpaperSupports images used today (gif, jpg, bmp, jpeg)
wallpaperDisplay a caption (favorite words of wisdom) with each image
free screensaversSlide show effect
screensaversRandomizer: display your images and captions in random order
wallpaperTime delay between images
screensaversThumbnail preview of image
screensaversChange font color and style
wallpaperResize your images: Stetch, center, tile
screensaversLoad all your images or photos at once!
wallpaperChange the order of your loaded images to be displayed
A-1 Wallpaper Pro
A-1 Wallpaper Pro Screen shot
4 Star Rating
April 1999
Simply the Best Award
June 1999


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