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Thanksgiving Screensaver

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Thanksgiving Shoot-out Screensaver

Hunt for your next Thanksgiving dinner in this interactive cartoon screensaver. Select from 4 weapons (Shotgun, Flame Thrower, Rifle, and Colt 45) to cook your next turkey... Includes great sound effects! This Thanksgiving screensaver is free.

Thanksgiving Shoot-out runs on Microsoft® Windows®

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screensaversSelect 4 weapons (shotgun, flame thrower, rifle)
free saversCool sound effects
thanksgiving screensaversPassword protection
screensaverNon-hassle, simple installation
Thanksgiving screensaversFree.
Thanksgiving screensavers
Thanksgiving Screensaver Screen Shot
Thanksgiving Screensaver Features
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Thanksgiving screensavers from T&PSC

Thanksgiving screensaver I really like your Thanksgiving Turkey Shootout screensaver. It's a bit violent, but fun! Thanks again! Free screensavers - Susan P.

Thanksgiving screensavers Thank you so much for the Thanksgiving screensaver. Our office staff just love them. Please continue to send them. Free Thanksgiving screensavers - Jackie B.

Free Thanksgiving screensavers Wow... Cool Thanksgiving screensaver. It keeps my children busy for hours...They like shooting at the turkeys! Please continue making these interactive screensavers. Free Thanksgiving screensavers - Kelly

Free Thanksgiving screensavers You have such nice screensavers. Just wanted to tell you keep up the good works!! I enjoy them very much! I subscribed to your newsletter! screensavers - Kelly

Wish someone a Happy Thanksgiving. Tell them about this Thanksgiving screensaver today!

Original free screensavers are available on Acez.com! Don't hesitate to download one our Thanksgiving screensavers today. Many of our screensavers, including our Thanksgiving screensaver can also be downloaded in our free screensavers section. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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