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Technical Support

Any problem related to downloading
The servers can be very busy at times, especially during the release of a new product. If you get errors indicating that the URL or file can't be found, etc. please try again later. The best time to download is before 9AM or after 5PM (Eastern Standard Time).

The file I downloaded will not install
When downloading a file on the Web (actually your browser is "FTPing" the file) sometimes the download can abort and your browser will not inform you of the error. Check the size of the file you downloaded against the size listed on the page. If they don't match then the download failed. Download failures are quite common with Web browsers and often there is little that can be done to avoid them. All you can do is attempt to download the file again.

Contacting our Technical Support Department
Before contacting our Technical Support Department please make sure that you have rebooted your computer after installing our screensavers or software. Some files loaded onto your computer, need to be registered with your operating system before they can be used.

If you still have problems and/or questions regarding our software, please provide the following information
1. Name of software
2. Your operating system (i.e., Win XP,2000,Vista, Window 7...)
3. Detailed description of problem

Contact - Bryan Sambrook

All emails are promptly answered within 24 hours.


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