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Halloween Screensaver

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Halloween Haunting Screensaver

Boo! It's that time again for gooseflesh and chills. Looking for a trick or perhaps a real treat this Halloween? Experience this new Halloween screensaver. Witness ghostly skulls, evil Jack-O-Lanterns, bloody eyeballs, and scary ghosts creeping around your screen in 3D with spooky noises to raise the hair on the back of your neck. This Halloween Screensaver is free.

This Halloween Screensaver runs on Microsoft® Windows®

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screensaverChoose skulls, jack-o-lanterns, or ghosts as screensaver
free saversPlay up to 8 different spooky noises
screensaversControl floating speed
halloween screensaverPassword protection
screensaverNon-hassle, simple installation
screensaversHalloween Screensaver is free
halloween screensaver
Halloween Screensaver Screen Shot
Halloween Screensaver Features
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Halloween screensaver Hi Bryan, I just read my email about your Halloween screensaver and ended up downloading both of them. Thank you so much for the great Halloween screensaver!!! You are the only site I download my screensavers from. I tell everyone about your site...it is the best! Thanks again Halloween screensavers
- Cindy

Free Halloween screensaver Downloaded your Halloween screensaver and love it; Thanks for a class act program! Halloween screensavers
- EugeneSlau

Halloween screensaver This is Great! One of the spooky noises in your Halloween screensaver caught me off guard and actually scared me. love it!! Free screensaver - Anonymous

Halloween screensavers Outstanding concept,design and superb graphics to boot. Even tough there is limitations, it's still something to be considered a Halloween screensaver, especially with it's sound effects. Free screensavers
- Stephen Conley

Halloween screensavers Wish someone a Happy Halloween. Tell them about this Halloween Screensaver today!

Original free screensavers are available on Acez.com! Don't hesitate to download our Halloween screensaver today. Many of our screensavers, including our Halloween screensavers can also be downloaded in our free screensavers section. Happy Halloween!


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