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Haunted House Screensaver

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Haunted House Horrors Screensaver

Enter if you dare. This spooky Haunted House Screensaver will scare you silly! Stick around for floating ghosts, the screeching cat and if you’re brave enough, wait to see what other surprises appear around the ominous haunted house. With spooky graphics and creepy sound effects, this Haunted House Screensaver is sure to please during the Halloween season. This Halloween screensaver is free.

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Screensaver updated: 10/19/2008
Screensaver Version: 1.6
File size: 2269K
Minimum requirements: XP/Vista/Windows 7
License: Free
Uninstaller included: Yes
Screen Shot: View screensaver screen shot
Haunted House Screensaver Details page: Details of this Haunted House Screensaver

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Original free screensavers are available on Acez.com! Don't hesitate to download one our Haunted House Screensavers today. Many of our screensavers, including our Haunted House Screensaver can also be downloaded in our Halloween screensavers section. Happy Halloween!


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