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Goofy Faces

What is all the hype about? "Goofy Faces" allows you to stretch, pull, and contort your favorite actor or actresses face. Have a little online fun!

Give it a try and create your goofy faces on the celebrities below...
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Create your own!

Russell Crowe

Tom Cruise

Ricky Martin

Brad Pitt

George Clooney

Ben Affleck

Kevin Costner

Mel Gibson

Ben Stiller
Leonardo Dicaprio

Matt Damon

David Arquette

Jim Carrey

Harrison Ford

David Schwimmer

Nicolas Cage

Matt Dillon

Will Smith

Julia Roberts

Britney Spears

Pam Anderson

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Neve Campbell

Anna Kournikova

Brooke Shields

Jennifer Aniston

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Gillian Anderson

Sandra Bullock

Courteney Cox

Shannen Doherty

Elizabeth Hurley

Alyssa Milano

Alicia Silverstone

Meg Ryan

Jennifer Lopez


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