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3D Screensaver

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3D screensaver

3D Pic Cube Screensaver

Display your images or photos in a floating 3D cube screensaver! 3D Pic Cube Screensaver is a screensaver that displays your favorite images in a spinning 3D picture cube. Features include: Adding up to 6 different images, thumbnail preview, select 3 different landscapes (Mountains, Snowscape, and Blue Skies), password protection, and more. This screensaver is great for displaying holiday, baby, and pet photos. 3D Pic Cube supports the common image formats (bmp, jpeg, gif, etc). used today. This 3D screensaver is free.

3D Pic Cube runs on Microsoft® Windows®
3D Screensavers

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3D ScreensaversDisplay up to 6 of your favorite images and photos
screensaversSupports common image formats (bmp, jpeg, gif, tif and more)
3D screensaverSelect 3 different landscapes (Mountains, Snowscape, Blue Skies)
3D screensaverMove around in landscape
screensaversAdjust speed of cube rotation
screensaversThumbnail preview of image
screensaversChoose between interactive and screensaver mode
3DPassword Protection
3D pic cube screensaver
Cube Screensaver
Screen Shot

3D Screensavers This is a good, simple screensaver program. Installation's as easy as following the included instructions. Once installed, the program is accessed through the control panel "Display" settings and desired photos(full screen desktop wallpaper files work great) can easily be selected and previewed. 3D Screensavers - Anonymous

3D screensaver I like it... When we had to reformat our harddrive this is one of a few programs that we simply HAD to get back. It is cute, stable, easy to use and FREE! I would like to be able to pick the cube size, and i would like to see it "bounce" around. Otherwise... i like it. 3D Screensavers - Anonymous

3D screensaver Excellent Program. This is a good screensaver Program. I recommend it to anyone who has more than 5 pictures they wish to share Screensavers - Big Daddy J

screensaver I get more reaction here in the shop to the Acez cube screensaver than to any other screensaver I have. People want to know where I got it. I tell them! :-) screensavers - Ted

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